The Technology Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK) launched its annual Cyber Security report for the year 2015. The report covers major cyber threats that are local to the Kenyan cyberspace, from the point of view of the Internet Exchange Point.

During the official launch, TESPOK C.E.O Ms. Fiona Asonga did a presentation on the report that covered the cyber threats during 2015, and chaired a panel discussion on Cyber Security issues affecting the Kenyan public. The panelists included Peter Ouma of TESPOK, Gail Kent of Facebook, Vincent Ngundi of Communications Authority of Kenya and Irene Kabua of Kenya Law Reform Commission.

Matters that were discussed included end-user awareness on staying safe online, the roles of the telecommunications sector in curbing cyber threats, involvement in policies against cyber crime and international collaboration efforts.

Pertinent questions asked were how to do responsible vulnerability disclosures in the industry, through Bug Bounty programs, how local web hosts can encourage their customers to follow best security practices when maintaining web applications and the need for more professionals dedicated to incident handling.

The report can be downloaded here –> TESPOK-iCSIRT Cyber Security Report 2015 .