10th August 2021


Statement of Technology Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK) on AFRINIC

Technology Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK) is a professional non- profit organization representing interests of Technology Service Providers in Kenya and it runs the Kenya Internet Exchange Point.

TESPOK and its 80+ members are dependent on the internet resources acquired as members of AFRINIC, thus AFRINIC plays a crucial role as the sole delegated administrator of critical Internet resources for the African region as Kenya internet users rely on AFRINIC to provide and efficiently distribute internet number resources, support internet technology usage to be able to connect to the Internet and to conduct business online.

Afrinic’s Chief Executive Officer’s communication to members regarding the dispute between AFRINIC and Cloud Innovation Limited has left TESPOK and its membership concerned. The dispute has led to AFRINICS accounts being frozen thus hindering AFRINIC’s ability to operate and perform its duties.

TESPOK recognizes that AFRINIC plays an important role in running critical services for the global internet thus we at TESPOK would like to support AFRINIC meet its operational obligations until the dispute is resolved.

We thank the AFRINIC CEO, Eddy Kayihura for the constant updates and reassurance he has provided members and we would like to humbly appeal to AFRINIC’s Board of Directors and Senior Management to focus on its core mandate and ensure the stability of Africa’s internet ecosystem.

TESPOK hopes that AFRINIC will do everything within its ability to ensure business continuity and that a swift amicable solution to the dispute shall be reached.





Telecommunications Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK) is a professional, non-profit organization representing the interests of telecommunication service providers in Kenya.  Established in 1999, the strength of the Association rests on its ability to be truly representative of the Kenyan industry as a whole. The association has brought the issues affecting its members into the limelight creating awareness among policy makers and the general public as well as producing several concrete outcomes. More information is available at: www.tespok.or.ke.