TESPOK Partners

In order to meet set objectives, TESPOK is forging strategic partnerships with Information Communication and Technology stakeholders in various spheres. TESPOK’s activities/ projects are carried out in partnership with the various institutions that the association interacts. TESPOK’s partners fall into 3 main categories;

Regulatory and Policy Development Partners

These have established relationships with TESPOK over the years that has enabled the secretariat effectively negotiate to facilitate a suitable investment environment.

  • Communications Authority of Kenya
  • Kenya Private Sector Alliance
  • European Competitive Telecommunications Association
  • European ISP Association
  • European IXP Association

Infrastructure and Network Development Partners

These facilitate the value add services that the KIXP provides to all peering members

  • Internet Society(ISOC)
  • Verisign
  • Reseaux IP Europeans (RIPE) Network Cordination Center
  • Netnod-Sweden
  • Amsterdam Internet Exchange Point
  • PCH (Packet Clearing House)
  • African Union (AU)

Technical Capacity Building Partners
These partners provide support to the various training programs being developed and run by the association.

  • ISOC
  • Netnod-Sweden
  • Amsterdam Internet Exchange Point
  • Mozilla

E-commerce Partners

TESPOK is forging partnerships with other Associations both locally and abroad to share and exchange ideas on how to best address issues affecting the Kenya ICT Sector. By facilitating partnership of potential investors with local industry stakeholders, TESPOK hopes that the sector move to greater heights and new technical skills shall be developed