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How Hackers break into home computers

  • The common means of attacking the computer is through e-mails with virus infected attachments. When the user clicks on the attachment, the virus is activated and infects the computer. In some cases they typically take advantage of weaknesses in the computer operating system to gain access. This weakens is referred to as a vulnerability

    When the hacker now has access to the computer, they install programs called malware that give them access to more computer resources and maintain that access. They also help them hide their presence on your computer so that they are not detected. The malicious programs create doorways into your computer so that they can access your computer at their discretion as well facilitate sending more malware to your computer. This doorway is referred to as a back door.

    Think of your computer as a house. What measures do u have in place to secure your house? Some of the steps you could take is to secure your house is to first of setup a gate, so that you only open it to those people you want to access your house. The next step is possibly hiring a security guard at the gate to deter thieves from wanting to gain unlawful access to your house as well as monitor who is leaving and entering the house at the respective times. Even further you could have a metallic door that gives access to the house and grills on the windows so that even if the thieves gain access into the house through the gate, they cannot easily get through the metallic security door and the grills. In your house there are a lot of thing happening and information that should only stay within the house. In the house there are important documents stored in the drawers and cabinets. There are conversations regarding family matters that are only supposed to be for the ears of family members that you would not even want your neighbor to hear and know.

    With this in mind, think of the gate as a computer firewall that only allows traffic into your computer that is permitted, the security guard is the intrusion prevention and detection system (IPDS) that looks out for what information is going in and out of your computer. The security door and grills on the other hand serve as an antivirus that prevents malicious programs from accessing your computer to steal your sensitive information and monitor your conversations online. Now that we are on the same page with regards to why your home computer is a target, what can be stolen and some of the devices that can help you prevent it, let’s get into measures and things you need to know, do and install on your computer to make it more secure.