• Businesses (even small ones) can now grow rapidly transcending borders, thanks to the Internet. As much as the internet provides great opportunities to amplify business opportunities, you must be prepared for endless cyber security threats to your business such as the growing theft of digital information. Successful mitigation against these attacks reside in paying special attention to the security of your online business fronts, such as customer support, orders, payment card transactions and other activities on the web.


  • Cyber attack targets are changing fast

    Small business owners can either be agents of this change, or victims of it. Incidents affecting companies big and small are reported in the press on an almost daily basis, so it is not surprising that businesses are only addressing cyber security as a result of outside pressure and often after a data breach has occurred. This is when companies find themselves involved in expensive and difficult post-hack mitigation

  • What cyber criminals are after

    No matter the type of business you run, if you use the Internet, you’re at risk for a cyber attack. Here are the basics of what cyber criminals are after, how they get it and who they’re targeting in your organization. They’re looking for Customer records (including contact information, sales history and passwords), contact lists, employee Information (including email addresses and passwords), company banking information and credit card numbers

  • How your business is targeted

    Cyber criminals have developed dozens of ways to exploit the vulnerabilities that may exist in your business. From email scams that target employees to malware that gathers sensitive information, the attacks are . . . read more

  • Mitigating cyber crime in your business

    Information security is not an IT problem, it is a business problem because you not only risk losing your . . . read more