Tespok is  seeking an audit firm that will provide the association with the following services:

  1. Audit services
    1. Examine our books of accounts so as to be able to provide expert opinion as to whether the financial statements produced give a true and fair view of the financial position for the year under review
    2. Provide an expert opinion of the financial performance of the association
    3. Review the company’s accounts and financial control systems and advise on their reliability.
    4. Prepare a work methodology and share the schedule of activities with the association secretariat.
    5. Provide an opinion on the audit findings
    6. Prepare and present the financial report to the members


  1. Taxation Services
    1. File annual returns to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) as required by the law.
    2. Review internal policies and implications of tax regime.
  2. Risk Assessment
    1. Conduct annual audit and risk assessments to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of operation, compliance of policies, procedures, statutory laws and industry best practices and provide recommendations and advise on improvement of procedures and systems.
    2. Identify and advise on internal policy gaps to mitigate risk



We would like to openly announce for the bid to any interested bidders who are willing and able to offer the above services as specified in this document. The deadline for submission of interest is 18th September 2020 by C.O.B. All responses will be addressed to:



P.O BOX 27589 – 00506


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